Accessible hospitality, a holiday in total freedom…for all!

Through all these years, our first priority as a touristic agency has been and is to make all our guests, nobody excluded, have the best holiday in a welcoming, comfortable and nice apartment.

For this reason, in 2019 we started a project together with Village for All that helped us to create accessible spaces for people with disabilities with particular attention to their independency without compromising the beauty and comfort of the surroundings.

We applied this project to “Torre di Noè” that now has:

  • Swimming pool’s access ramp with 7% less gradient (compare to norm) in order to make any person using a wheel chair move in and out in total autonomy;
  • An even flooring;
  • Floor voice identification;
  • Higher sunbeds (seat height 55 cm) in order to easily transition from the wheel chair to the bed.

Moreover, available for all our guests at “Torre di Nòe” 2 spacious, bright and full of comforts apartments (apt 5 and apt 8).